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My name is Tianne and I love Reiki. I am a member of :

The International Center for Reiki Training Reiki Membership Association and a Licensed Master Reiki Teacher for ALL LEVELS OF USUI HOLY FIRE III TRAINING INCLUDING KARUNA . My training and credentials confirm the quality of training that I have received and the level of teaching that I can provide you with. I am also able to provide you with continuing education credits if you are a massage therapist, a family counselor or a nurse although they may not be accepted in the state of Louisiana. Call me if you are interested so that I can give you the name of the provider and you can confirm if it will be accepted.                     

Reiki came into my life under the most difficult circumstances. My husband was diagnosed with Cancer. At that time we understood that traditional medicine alone would not help us in our journey and while seeking complementary therapies we were guided to Reiki. It was so incredible ! We walked into a drugstore and there, standing alone, was a paperback book on Reiki. It was as if someone had pulled it out just for us! We had never heard the word before but decided to buy it and later felt compelled to seek a practitioner that could provide us with a session. It was such an awesome experience that we made the decision of becoming Reiki students. We both became Reiki Masters and have progressed into other systems and levels of Reiki. My husband has done well and has been cancer free for many years. Reiki self treatments provided the support and the feeling of wellness that we both needed. I, as a result, have devoted the last 13 years to service Cancer patients and to teach others the beauty that Reiki can bring into our lives. I am presently offering sessions within the local hospital's wellness center and do regular presentations on Reiki on several area hospitals and groups. Effective August 1, 2016 and after several years working on this, our local hospital opened a new Integrative medicine department with multiple offerings of complimentary therapies. I am overjoyed at the fact that I am a part of this department and will provide Reiki services as well as other services directed towards the Oncology patients. The aim is to extend these services to the rest of the hospital patients and to include the staff. The medical community is noticing the beneficial effects of Reiki and it is being welcomed in many well known and worldwide recognized medical centers. I have a passion for animal welfare and am also committed to animal rescue and Reiki has certainly helped these animals heal and manage their stress. My own rescued group of feral cats have converted into the most adorable and loving cats and Reiki was crucial in their process. My goal is to extend an invitation to you and yours to experience the wonderful benefits of Reiki. Bring the feeling of wellness that REIKI can bring into your life. Feel the touch that brings wellness and relaxation. Remove the layers of stress that get in the way of living a beautiful and fulfilled existence. It is possible and real. I have experienced it, I know. I extend this invitation with love, light and peace and intending that many blessings and wellness come to you. The time has come for you to love yourself and bring peace and answers into your life. You deserve this. Reiki is AMAZING!

My training and experience is in the following disciplines and I am a certified teacher with experience , dedication and support for my students.

Usui/ Holy Fire III Reiki Master,Teacher and Practitioner licensed

Karuna Reiki Master,Teacher and Practitioner Licensed

Jikiden Reiki Shihan- Reiki without western Influences

credentials in Kyoto Japan

Advanced Pranic Healer

Healing Touch Practitioner

Crystal Healing( Certified )

Reiki Drumming ( Certified)

Animal Reiki Practitioner




Services by appointment *********** SE HABLA ESPANOL   

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